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TKWL-150 Glass Tube Liquid Level Meter


  TKWL-150系列石英玻璃管液位计是我公司采用高纯度石英管制造的产品 ╕ ╢。仪表显示清晰┴ ┤▓,密封性 能好┴ ┤▓,耐高温、高压、防粘稠┴ ┤▓,寿命长┴ ┤▓,冲洗、护方便┴ ┤▓,广泛应用于石油、化工、电力、冶金等行 业中各种容器及锅炉的液位检测指示 ╕ ╢。特别适用于 无色透明液体的测量指示 ╕ ╢。


  TKWL-150quartz glasstube liquid level meter is the product produced by our company with highly pure quartz tube. It has clear meter display and good sealing property; it can resist high temperature and high pressure as well as prevent thickness; it has long service life and it is easy to maintain. Thus, it is widely used in the liquid level measurement and indication of various vessels and boilers  in industries like petroleum, chemical engineering, electricityandmetallurgy, especiallyapplicabletothemeasurement and indication of colorlessclearliquid.


  仪表上下均装有法兰┴ ┤▓,通过过程连接与容器构成连通器 ╕ ╢。透过石英管或玻璃管就可以直接读得容 器内介质液位或界位的高度 ╕ ╢。双色式工作是基于光 线在气相与液相介质中的光学透射、反射与折射原 理┴ ┤▓,经过光学系统设计而实现┴ ┤▓,使气相与液相相比格外分明、清晰┴ ┤▓,液相呈绿色┴ ┤▓,气相呈红色┴ ┤▓,色别 反差大┴ ┤▓,显示一目了然┴ ┤▓,无盲区

Working  Principle

  Flanges are equipped on both top and bottom of the instrument, which are connected with the vessel to form the communicating vesselsthrough process connection. Through the quartz tube or the glass tube, the height of the medium liquid inside the vessel can be read directly. The two-color type works according to the principles  of optical protection, reflection and refraction of light ray in gas and liquid. It is realized through optical system design, which makes the comparison of gas and liquid extremely clear. The liquid phase presents green and gas phase presents red. With large contrast of colors, it seems clear at a glance and thereis no deadzone.


测量范围: 最大允许2500mm 可视尺寸: 法兰中心距- 200 mm 工作压力: 介质温度:-80~450

显示方式:有单色、双色两种显示方式┴ ┤▓,仪表观测方向任意可调

自锁阀:安全阀钢球自动密封压力≥0.2MPa 伴热蒸汽压力:≤1MPa┴ ┤▓,接⼝G1/2″(M


Measurement range: 2500mm at the maximum Visible size: Flange’scenter distance-200mm Operating pressure: 1.6、2.5、4.0、6.4MPaMedium temperature: -80~450℃

Display mode: solid color and bicolor, the meter’s observationdirection can be adjusted at will

Latching valve: Self-sealing pressure of the steel ball inside the safety valve0.2MPa

Tracingsteam pressure: 1MPa┴ ┤▓,connectorG1/2″M


1、除方罩壳外┴ ┤▓,内部增加了焊接连接的厚壁管护 管┴ ┤▓,使整体更加坚固┴ ┤▓,确保产品更加安全 ╕ ╢。

2、石英管或玻璃管更粗┴ ┤▓,壁更厚内径更大┴ ┤▓,高透明┴ ┤▓,保证了使用安全、观测清晰 ╕ ╢。

3、仪表观测方向任意可调 ╕ ╢。

4、配自锁阀┴ ┤▓,当仪表泄漏或玻璃管意外损坏时能自动液 ╕ ╢。   

5、清洗方便:用铁丝一段系棉团或海绵从上堵塞穿出┴ ┤▓,反复几次即可 ╕ ╢。亦可用酸洗或清洗剂清洗 ╕ ╢。

6、法兰连接采用松套法兰┴ ┤▓,更加宽限了中心距 ╕ ╢。

Structure Features

1.  Apart from the square cover, welded connection thick tube is added inside for protection, which makes the whole more solid and confirms the product’ssafety.

2.  The quartz tube or the glass tube is thicker, the wall is thicker, the inner diameter is larger, and it is of high transparency, thus confirming safe usage and clear observation.

3.  Arbitrarily adjustable direction of theinstrument.

4.  It is matched with latching valve, which can automatically seal the feeding liquid when the meter leaks or damagesaccidentally.

5.  Convenientcleaning: Use a section ofwire attached with cotton lump or sponge to penetrateupwards. Repeat for severaltimes. It can also be cleanedby acid pickling or cleaningagent.

6.  Loose flange is used in flange connection, which better extends the center distance.

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